Up to 180 tape part types can be loaded on one AIMEX II

Because a large number of part types can be loaded at the same time, this machine is perfect for high-mix production. AIMEX II also supports a variety of part packaging types including trays and sticks. Tray units can be set at any of the four part supply stages on the machine. AIMEX II can also handle various part sizes, including parts up to 38.1 mm (1.5 inches) tall.


You can specify the number of robots

With AIMEX II machines, you can select either a 2-, 3-, or 4-robot machine.

This means you can choose the optimal number of robots for your production volume.

The illustration to the right shows a 3-robot configuration.


Supports high-mix low-volume production and trial production using the NPI support function

Part data can be automatically created at the machine. By automating part data creation, which takes a lot of time when creating the program, it is possible to quickly support vision processing errors that occur for the first part check when starting trial production or changing machine types used in production.

NPI: New Product Introduction

Supports independent production at dual lanes

Supports dual lane production of different panel types using a double conveyor (option).

This ability means that while one lane is producing, the other can perform changeover which reduces changeover time when used together with the multi feeder unit (MFU).