Easy to introduce, compact design

The AIMEX IIIc is a compact machine, with a width of 1280 mm and a length of 2346 mm. Not only is the AIMEX IIIc machine easy to install, it also comes with high area productivity.


DynaHead and abundant part supply positions

Up to 130 part supply positions can be used and this loadable number is an industry top class*. This can flexibly respond to variations in the quantity of supplied parts. A wide range of part sizes from 0402 (01005") to 74 x 74 mm can be supported by one machine by using a DynaHead. *According to research by Fuji as of October 2015.


Easy on-machine editing

The AIMEX IIIc uses a 12 inch touch screen panel for improved usability. Ramping up production for new products and responding to errors can now be handled faster than ever with on-machine editing.