The FINEPLACER® pico rs is an enhanced hot air rework station for assembly and rework of all types of SMD components.

The system is a best seller for professional mobile device rework in high density environments. A high level of process modularity allows all rework process steps within one system. The FINEPLACER® pico rs system is at home in R&D, process development, prototyping and production environments.

Application area from 01005 up to 40x40 BGA on small to medium sized PCBs, with the goal to have highly reproducible soldering results.




  • Industry-leading thermal management
  • Placement accuracy better than 5 µm
  • Component sizes from 0.125² mm² to 90 x 70 mm² *
  • Board sizes up to 400 mm x 234 mm *
  • High efficiency board heater
  • Closed loop force control *
  • Automated top heater calibration *

* depending on configuration