Europlasma Offers a wide range of low pressure plasma surface treatment, from lab scale to industrial application, tailored to the needs of markets & applications:


Introduction of Europlasma

  • Europlasma designs, builds and sells turnkey vacuum plasma treatment equipment

  • Europlasma develops and optimizes the plasma processes required to solve the material problems of its customers

  • Europlasma helps its customers to make better and/or cheaper products in an environment friendly way


Plasma Process

  • Cleaning: removal of molecular contamination layers from a surface

  • Etching: removal of surface material (several nm up to 1 µm)

  • Activation: non permanent chemical modification of surface

  • Functionalization: permanent chemical modification of surface

  • Coating: polymerization of chemical species on the surface



  • Junior

  • Standard production size systems: CD300, CD400, CD600, CD1000, CD1800

  • PCB systems: CD400 PCB, CD600 PCB, CD1000 PCB, CD1200 PCB

  • Nanocoating systems: CD400 Nanofics, CD600 Nanofics, CD1000 Nanofics

  • CDX/Y Roll-to-Roll

  • X = roll width in mm

  • Y = roll diameter in mm

  • Custom design


Launch of new generation of nanocoatings under Nanofics brand name in 2011

  • Technology refers to a group of nano-scaled functional coatings developed by Europlasma

  • Nano-scaled functionalization into core of complex shaped materials/products