Process chamber

Material: aluminium

Inside dimensions: 700 x 700 x 1000 mm

Volume: 490 liter

Tray: max 8 trays, with dimensions 591 x 697 mm

Vacuum measurement

Baratron gauge


2500 W kHz in standard configuration

Pumping system

Dry pump group


PLC with touch screen

The PLC:

-          runs the process automatically

-          defines different processes as recipes

-          checks pump pressure, pump time, gas flow, working pressure, process time, temperature, forward power of the generator

-          monitors all parameters correctly within preset %
of the machine settings

-          uses an operator, process/maintenance password


380V AC, 50Hz, 40A

Process gas

1 gas line with MFC (Mass Flow Controller)

Safety features

Emergency-off-switch, vacuum interlock, over temperature interlock, CE-label

Process gas connection

¼’’-Swagelok-fitting, input pressure 1 Bar


: data logging, additional gas channels, customised loading tray