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Fuji Machine Asia Pte. Ltd.


The GPX-C supports large panels, while the GPX-CS stresses working in a compact space. Both provide high printing quality and support a wide variety of production types. High-performance Screen Printer

Product Features

High accuracy printing for large panels

Consistent highly rigid machine design from the base to printing section enables high accuracy printing even for large panels, and durability for maintaining printing quality.

Reduces total costs

The machine was designed with work efficiency in mind. Solder supply and cleaning can be automated, which reduces the load on operators and minimizes the work time for changeover and maintenance

Icons and a layout based on procedures are used to provide intuitive operation that operators can easily understand and reduce the training time.

Reliable and efficient changeover

Setting mistakes and printing defects are prevented with the verification function for solder, squeegees, and masks (option).
Cup-type auto solder supply (option) makes it possible to use a general solder cup, and this allows changeover to be performed in a short time without mistakes.

Supports dual lanes in a compact body

GPX-CS is compact model that maintains the basic features of GPX-C, and is suitable for dual lane production in smaller space.

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