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Fuji Machine Asia Pte. Ltd.

NXTR (A Model)

The NXTR A model includes an automatic feeder exchange system that frees operators from changeover and supply work, with additional features that strengthen the ability to maintain high-quality and productivity.

Fuji is paving the way to the future of Smart Factories with NXTR.

Product Features

Development concept: 3 Zeros
Zero placement defects

Stable, high-quality placement can be maintained using newly-developed sensing technology to always maintain correct placement through checking the conditions of electronic parts and panels and then reflecting them to the machine.

Zero machine operators

The newly-developed Smart Loader completely automates part supply and changeover for next production according to the production schedule.
This prevents short stops from part supply errors and similar issues that are caused by delays and mistakes during supply work.

Zero machine stops

NXTR continues the complete modularity concept employed by the NXT.
Heads and other units can be exchanged without tools, making it possible to perform maintenance offline.
Predictive maintenance is made possible through self-diagnosis, preventing sudden machine stops from affecting the production plan.

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